Friday (8:00AM) Home Work 4: Reading and Study Questions about Web Design

Okay, you’ve all come very far in the space of four lessons now we are going to take another leap forward. Next you will all learn how to make a basic web page and edit it using Adobe Dreamweaver, but first you will read Chapter 12,  because I want you to understand some concepts in this chapter on editing graphics for the web as well as Chapter 15Chapter 16 through Chapter 17 as there will be a quiz.


  • According to our authors what is the difference between a .gif file and a .jpeg
  • Be able to define the following terms:
  1. an optimized file format
  2. root folder
  3. domain name
  4. URL
  5. hosting plan
  6. server
  • What does WYSIWYG stand for? What is one advantage of using a WYSIWYG program like Dreamweaver to create webpages?
  • How could you construct a web page if you didn’t have Dreamweaver?
  • What does “split view” show you in Dreamweaver?
  • Identify two or more ways you can use hyperlinks when building a website. (What can you link from? What can you link to?)
  • Identify two or more ways you can incorporate  an image when building a webpage.
  • When constructing a web page, how can you separate the page’s style from its content? Why would you want to?
  • What is CSS? Identify two ways in which it can be utilized.
  • What code or language is this? What are the the words inside the <> brackets called?

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